Just as Jesus spent 3 years training his disciples in his teachings, we believe in equipping his people for every good work in the Lord. The Bible is the sole source of our faith and our knowledge about God and His plan for the world. We hope you will use these resources as tools to build your own faith and the faith of others.

There are both web viewable and printable versions of each of our series. The print versions are bigger files and are best to download onto your devices, but the web versions are smaller and meant for viewing from the website itself. Feel free to use either version according to what works best for your situation. Let’s go make some disciples of Christ!

Foundational Bible Study Series

This study series contains key scriptures in laying the foundation for bringing people to faith in Jesus. From building a basic understanding of the Bible, to medical accounts of the crucifixion, to developing a deep and saving relationship with Christ, this guide will help you lead effective and life-altering Bible studies. Download or view it here:

smcc-foundationalstudies-2-02Click here for printable version!

 The First 40 Days

This is a guide for new disciples as they ask “What’s next?” in their journey with Christ. Each day’s lesson comes with scriptures, challenges, and questions for young disciples to read, study and answer as they build deep roots in God’s word. It is a great way to build faith together when studied with a trusted friend or mentor. “The First 40 Days” is a useful tool not only for young Christians, but also for seasoned disciples who are seeking new ways to revitalize their relationship with God and with one another.

first40daysClick here for printable version!